Christian {18 days} 

What a beautiful little boy! He was awake, alert, and perfectly content for almost 2 hours before he got sleepy enough to calmly doze off.  Got some great awake and asleep shots of this cutie.  Those eyes! Those cheeks! Those lips! Perfection.  Definitely thinking he looks like big brother Tyler in some of these shots too.  Also, how gorgeous is Mom?!  Beautiful, sweet baby and … Read More

Rutherford Family

What a FUN family! Kelly and Dan are awesome. Calvin is such a sweetheart and was so cooperative and helpful. His pose in the image of him alone was completely his idea, and I think it turned out great! Colby was joking and laughing almost the entire time; such fun! We did eventually ask for her to put away the … Read More

Querim Family

What a wonderful, beautiful family. Mom and Dad were awesome, and Alexa and Reese definitely put a smile on my face! So much fun, so photogenic, an absolute pleasure! So pleased to have had the honor of capturing these moments for this family.

Cournoyer Family

What a beautiful couple and gorgeous family! Ethan was all silly and smiles, Lily was an awesome model, and it was so difficult to choose just one shot of Mom and Dad because there were so many great ones! I found myself smiling as I went through the photos from this session. Thanks to this great family for letting me capture … Read More

Lucas Isaiah

Lucas Isaiah, 8 days old. Babies really do seem to love the bowl! Sweet, adorable Lucas did awesome today, and I CAN’T WAIT to get this gallery together.

Everly May

Everly May, 7 days old. What a sweet, beautiful baby girl! She was absolutely LOVING this setup. I think she could have stayed in there all day if we let her!    

The McLaughlin Family

I had so much fun with this family today and got some great shots. Sometimes the best location is right at home with familiar surroundings and a few favorite things. Drew and Libby were absolutely adorable, and what a patient and amazing Mommy they have! Can’t wait to get the rest of their photos ready, but for now, here is … Read More

The Bache Family

I had so much fun during this family’s session over the weekend. What a great time! I could have gone on and on, and Elizabeth and Maya seemed more than happy to accommodate. Great parents, lovely girls, beautiful family!

The Geary Family

What a pleasure capturing these moments for this beautiful family.  Energetic Matthew and sassy little Emerson had so much fun exploring the bridge, and Emerson was all smiles hanging backwards off Daddy’s shoulders!