Fisher Family

What a great family! Adorable Connor had fallen asleep on the way to the shoot, and he was less than thrilled to have his photo taken to start, but sweet sister, Caroline, was happy to be my first subject. Thanks to Mom & Dad’s laid-back attitude towards the session, we were able to get Connor to where he would be … Read More

Enrique {21 days}

It was such a pleasure to photograph this adorable little guy. He was wide awake and perfectly content for quite some time, allowing me to capture some lovely shots with those beautiful eyes wide open. He fell asleep without a fuss, and rested peacefully for quite a long while. We even got some adorable baby smiles! Overall, this was a … Read More

Ari {8 Months}

Bea Charity Photography Simsbury Photographer Simsbury, CT Ari Reid turned 8 months on the 24th. Where does the time go?! We’ll be doing the cake smash for his first birthday before we know it! I decided spur of the moment to do this month’s milestone session outdoors at one of my favorite locations. I need to maximize the use of … Read More

Ari {6 Months}

Bea Charity Photography Simsbury Baby Photographer Simsbury, CT This sweet boy brings me so much joy. He is almost always happy and smiling, and he is even willing to sleep and allow posing as if he were still a newborn. Truly a dream subject for any baby photographer, and his Mommy is one lucky lady. Those eyes, eyelashes, lips, cheeks… … Read More

Harper Grace {7 Days}

Bea Charity Photography Farmington Valley Photographer Simsbury, CT Oh Harper.  What a perfectly stunning little beauty you are, and what a personality!  I don’t think I have ever had a baby awake for pretty much the entire session.  Once she went in the bowl, she nodded off for MAYBE 5 minutes, and and then those bright brown eyes were open and looking around … Read More

Sutton Family

I just love this family! Sydney and Charlye are such sweet and lovely girls, and Mom and Dad? How gorgeous a couple are they?! Beautiful family inside and out! We hopped around a bit for this session and still managed to get some great images every step of the way. In fact, there were so many great images, it was … Read More

Christian {18 days} 

What a beautiful little boy! He was awake, alert, and perfectly content for almost 2 hours before he got sleepy enough to calmly doze off.  Got some great awake and asleep shots of this cutie.  Those eyes! Those cheeks! Those lips! Perfection.  Definitely thinking he looks like big brother Tyler in some of these shots too.  Also, how gorgeous is Mom?!  Beautiful, sweet baby and … Read More

Rutherford Family

What a FUN family! Kelly and Dan are awesome. Calvin is such a sweetheart and was so cooperative and helpful. His pose in the image of him alone was completely his idea, and I think it turned out great! Colby was joking and laughing almost the entire time; such fun! We did eventually ask for her to put away the … Read More

Querim Family

What a wonderful, beautiful family. Mom and Dad were awesome, and Alexa and Reese definitely put a smile on my face! So much fun, so photogenic, an absolute pleasure! So pleased to have had the honor of capturing these moments for this family.