Acadia National Park 2017 – Day 4

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After 3 days of rain, clouds, and fog, today we woke up to sunshine pouring through our windows! Great morning to take the kayaks out on the water and follow it up with the hike of the day. We had all decided to head back over to the east side of the island. Aiden, Greyson, and I had definitely settled on hiking Pemetic Mountain today. Rob, Delfina, and Ari opted to circle Jordan Pond along the Jordan Pond Path (rated easy).

Rob dropped us off in the parking area by Bubble Pond then headed for the 3.4-mile trail that is the Jordan Pond Path. The first 1.5 miles was a “bogwalk” over wooden planks, after which they crossed over some flat rocks along the shoreline, over several man-made wooden bridges, and finally arriving at a well-maintained gravel path that completed the loop. Every so often there was a gap in the path with rocks on either side or in the middle, water running through the gap. Ari received a point for every “challenge” he completed, a point for every jump made. Rob, Delfina, and Ari found the Jordan Pond Path to be a nice, easy, fun, scenic trail. Sounds like they had a great time!

After Rob dropped Aiden, Greyson, and myself off by Bubble Pond, we took a carriage road briefly before starting our trek up the mountain along the Pemetic North Ridge Trail (rated strenuous), a 1.1-mile trek up the mountain. This trail was probably the steepest we have done and had the most scrambling. After coming out of the forested part of the trail, we reached an overlook with a view of Bubble Pond sitting at the base of Cadillac Mountain, blue skies above. Beautiful! We continued up the rocky spine of the Pemetic North Ridge, eventually reaching the summit at 1248 ft.

The summit of the Pemetic was breathtaking. We took our time walking along the gorgeous rock formations, powerful wind whipping around us. The unobstructed mountaintop allowed for scenic views of Eagle Lake to the north, Jordan Pond to the west, Long Pond to the southeast, and the Cranberry Isles far off in the distance to the south. The Pemetic South Ridge Trail (rated strenuous) continues along the top of the mountain for another 0.7 miles, eventually descending down a rocky pathway for another 0.6 miles.

On the way down we happened upon a lovely butterfly, which we have determined to be an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail. After admiring this lovely creature for a while, we continued down the spine of the mountain.

Once we completed the Pemetic Mountain trails, we followed the Bubble Trail to the Jordan Pond Path. We walked the gravel portion of that path for 0.9 miles before completing our hike with 0.4 miles on the Jordan Pond Carry (rated easy). After spending 3 hours completing this 4.2-mile hike, Rob picked us up at The Bubbles parking area, and we headed back to the cottage.

The first thing we wanted to do when we got home was eat lunch! All that hiking sure works up an appetite. The kids finished their lunch and left the table, and as I was helping Ari get off his stool, it fell directly on my toe. I think my toe may be broken, unfortunately, but we will see come tomorrow. Can’t let what’s supposed to be a beautiful day go to waste without a hike!

Following the toe drama, Rob and the boys sat down to play a new game, Planetarium. I know nothing about it, but the boys tell me it was really good. Rob will probably be posting a review of the game on A Pawns Perspective shortly, I’m sure.

Finally, for tomorrow I am really hoping I’ll be able to hike Acadia Mountain, one of my favorites from last year when we came here. It’s the only hike we are repeating from last year. I think I’ll put Pemetic on my list of favorites worth repeating as well for our future visits to Acadia. So amazing. I love this place.

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